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Eye Helpline (Ooglijn)

A key service that the Oogvereniging provides is the “Eye Helpline” for emotional support, advice regarding eye condition and living with visual impairment or deafblindness.


Campaigning and lobbying is one of the key activities of the Oogvereniging.

Areas of interest are:

  • Eye care
  • Social inclusion
  • Scientific research

In an international context, we work specifically on:

  • Banking and payment systems;
  • Accessibility of ICT and other technologies;
  • Education and information;
  • Mobility, traffic, public transport and safety;
  • UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)


The National office of the Oogvereniging is in Utrecht with about seventeen staff. We work on specific topics like health care, mobility and accessibility ICT. Director: Luuk-Jan Boon.


De Oogvereniging has about 6.000 members living with a multitude of eye conditions. Members collaborate on a regional level and on specific eye diseases and interests.

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